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Self Hypnosis

What is Self Hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis has been around for hundreds of years. While the techniques of visualization and self-hypnosis are effective, few people know how to really make use of them. Even fewer actually apply them.

You see, one of the core elements of Self-Hypnosis IS Visualization, which can help you gain Self-Control and Self-Mastery, giving you the ability to Achieve Goals you have in life. Self Confidence and Self Esteem are now possible when you learn the skill of and Visualization.

Self-hypnosis is very easy to do, and the good thing is, you can pretty much do it whenever you have some free time or whenever you feel stressed, and all without leaving the comfort of your own home. The first few times you may find it takes between 30-60 minutes to get into that deep relaxing state of hypnosis, however the more you Self Hypnotize the quicker, and easier it’ll become for you. The steps below are to be used as a guide only, and should help you achieve that profound state of relaxation, however as these are a guide, you may find doing something slightly different helps you, it depends on the individual.

Step 1 – Find somewhere where you can relax and wont be disturbed for a while, laying down in a comfortable bed is recommended, however if you find that you’re more comfortable sitting in a chair, then this will be good too, just as long as you’re comfortable and in a place that’s quiet, which helps you to relax.

Step 2 – Pick a time of day when you feel your best, and also a time of day when you’re less likely to be disturbed.

Step 3 – Think about the amount of time you have, the Self Hypnosis session should last between 30-60 minutes, at least for the first couple of times.

Step 4 – Make sure you know what the reason for the Self Hypnosis Session is for, make sure you’re fully aware of the goals you wish to achieve through this session, don’t aim too high until you become more confident of your abilities to Self Hypnotize, start off slowly.

Step 5 – Begin to take nice deep, relaxing breaths and feel yourself growing increasingly relaxed.

Step 6 – Think about your entire body relaxing, start with your toes, working up to your knees and so on, all the way up to your head, feel the tension begin to flow out of your body.

Step 7 – Focus on your breathing for a moment, focus on each and every breath, focus on how each cleansing breath makes you more and more relaxed

Step 8 – As you continue to grow more and more relaxed, imagine a staircase appearing in front of you, continue to take deep, cleansing and relaxing breaths, begin to tell yourself that you’re growing increasingly relaxed.

Step 9 – Imagine taking slow, soft and easy steps down that stair case. With each and every step tell yourself that you’ll grow more and more relaxed.

Step 10 – Start to count down from Ten to One, with each number imagine stepping down onto the next step of the staircase, notice how your entire body is now relaxed and with each number and each step, you grow more relaxed as the relaxation gets deeper and deeper.

Step 11 – Now imagine a peaceful and beautiful place, imagine yourself there and you can feel it, allow the sense of peace flow through every muscle and every cell of your body, as you begin to relax even further, deeper down into the body.

Step 12 – Tell yourself in a slow, soft voice the goals in which you want to achieve, tell yourself over and over again, imagine that being a reality, imagine the goals you wish to come true are already happening, whether its to quit smoking or to be a better person, just tell yourself and imagine its already happening.

Step 13 – Count from Zero to Ten, with each number you’ll become more alert and awake to your surroundings, when you reach 10 you’ll wake up feeling profoundly relaxed and calm, better than you’ve ever felt before.

Congratulations, you’ve now completed your first Self Hypnosis Session, as I said in the beginning, the more frequently you do this, the easier it’ll come to you.