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Hypnotherapy Training

Welcome to a life-changing opportunity. A way you can choose to write new chapters in your life, put aside fears, and change what you believed was unchangeable.

Our mission is to remove the myths and misconceptions while promoting the truth and benefits of hypnotism to the people of the world.

Become a Hypnotherapist

It most comprehensive training available today in Hypnotherapy.

If being the best in your field, graduating from an Accredited College, and learning from the leaders of the profession are important to you, then HMI is your new home and partner in success.

If you have ever been curious about Hypnosis or interested in a career helping others, now is the time to start.

Here are the Sample Hypnosis Audio Sessions that you will receive for you and your family:

  • Introduction to Losing Weight with Hypnosis
  • Introduction to Stop Smoking with Hypnosis
  • Introduction to Feel Younger with Hypnosis
  • Introduction to a Sound Sleep with Hypnosis